TR-1 High Performance Thermal Material Remover


Is your CPU covered with grungy leftover thermal compound that just refuses to be cleaned off?  Is your new ultra high performance thermal compound seems to work no better then the old dried up thermal compound that it replaces?  Introducing the non-toxic, non-conductive thermal material remover, the TR-1, designed to address this often over-looked problem. 

Application is easy, just place two to three drops of the TR-1 on the surface and let it settle for about twenty to fifty seconds, then just gently wipe it off with a clean cloth, that’s it!  No more less-then-optimal performance from your new high performance thermal compound!  Let every application be like the first!


Environmentally Safe



Not Electrically


High Effective

RoHS Compliant

Easy Application





Viscosity 1.3 cSt
Operating temperature -50°C ~ 120°C
Specific Gravity 0.76 @ 25


30 ml

How to Clean Grease:

Tuniq TR-1 Thermal Material Remover quickly dissolves the existing thermal grease, TX-2 or TX-3,. The thermal compound can easily be removed with a clean cloth.


Keep away from children

Keep away from fire

Avoid eyes contact

Avoid ingestion









Publisher Description Award Date
yosuaniam The Tuniq TR-1 takes out even toughest and oldest thermal compound... 2009-04-20 So what did I think of these products. Honestly I thought that they where amazing... 2009-04-02 Overall Tuniq has produced another good product and if you are in the group that doen’t like to... 2009-03-31 Tuniq's TR-1 gets the area clean and ready for maximum thermal efficiency.  Tuniq's TR-1 is easily a product we can recommend...
2009-02-24 If you have had trouble getting thermal paste off this is the product for you. I would recommend this for people who would be working with old thermal paste... 2009-01-29 The TR-1 is a non-conductive liquid designed to make removing thermal paste from chips and heatsinks an easier job. In testing, it does just that... 2009-01-28 The TR-1 easily wipes away even the oldest and most dried out thermalpaste off of heatsinks. The bottle is ultra portable, and the product is very easy to use... 2009-02-23 What thermal compound and thermal compound remover do you use... 2009-01-10 After I did that, I did not see any thermal compound on the products. Very good thing about that product is that it’s not conductive... 2009-01-06

I noticed a tad bit of thermal paste on the CPU block after we wiped the block off., so we reapplied a little bit of the TR-1, and it started to dissolve instantly...