TX-2 High Performance Thermal Compound


The TX-2 thermal compound offers industry leading thermal conductivity.  The non-toxic and non-conductive nature of the TX-2 means more peace-of-mind when it comes to cooling your CPU.  Molecularly small and structurally stable, the multi-award winning TX-2 is the perfect thermal compound for your cooling needs.


Low thermal resistance

for superior heat

transfer, 4.5W/Mk



Thin bond line for high efficiency conductivity

Low bleed under high pressure

Spreads easy-clean consistency




RoHS compliant

Not Electrically


  • 1: Small molecular size makes a better contact between the heatsink and heatsource.
  • 2: Help the low-pressure clip design of cooler to achieve better cooling performance.



Overclock Testing Results:


Tuniq TX-2

Tuniq TX-1

standard thermal grease

Load Temperature




Idle Temperature




*CPU: Intel E 4300 @ 2.7G
*Torture software: SP2004 
*Testing Cooler: Sunbeam Silent Whisper 775 Version(Fan speed 2300RPM)
*Room Temperature: 28.5°C







 285000 cP

 Thermal conductivity


 Operating temperature

-45°C ~ 200°C

 Specific Gravity

3.96 @ 25°C


 1ml (3.5g)


How to properly apply the TX-2 thermal compound?





In the list below in order of the best performer first, reflects the criteria above as best as possible:


1. Tuniq TX2
2. Arctic Silver AS5
3. Arctic Cooling MX-2
4. Arctic Silver Ceramique
5. Nanotherm PCM+
6. Intel stock thermal interface material


If you’re in the market for a new tube of thermal paste, I would strongly recommend Tuniq TX-2 as your next choice......
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Publisher Description Award Date So what did I think of these products. Honestly I thought that they where amazing... 2009-04-02 Not only is it the best performing paste of the lot, it is the cheapest... 2008/7/25 it can fare with the top preforming thermal pastes in the market... 2008/6/30 It really surprised us. TX-2 finished best in the benchmarks... 2008/6/10 2009/2/1 When compared to the competition, TX-2 wins hands down. It is an effective, non-conductive thermal compound, which, unlike Arctic Silver ... 2009/1/26 Tuniq TX-2 really made it..It surpasses the AS5 by some good degrees.I highly recommend this thermal paste ... 2008/5/12 ... 2008/4/20 ... 2008/4/16 ... 2008/4/9 Pretty much a close performance by the two contenders, but give praise where praise ... 2008/4/11 It doesn't require a curing time after application and isn't electrically conductive ... 2008/3/30 If you are looking for a high quality and easy to use thermal paste then you have to look no farther than the Tuniq TX-2.  I've used ... 2008/3/18 As far as thermal grease goes, the Tuniq TX-2 is at the top of the list as it has an advantage over its competitors ... 2008/1/3 Tuniq offre ici un excellente pâte thermique tres soignée, performante pour un prix tres raisonnable.Il n'y a pas grand chose a dire d'autre ... 2008/2/26 I’d say the Tuniq TX-2 did a great job and performed a little better than the Arctic Cooling MX-2 ... 2008/2/15 The Tuniq TX-2 thermal compound is a great product that will likely provide you the best bang for the buck ... 2008/2/17 A few degrees less for a few dollars less is how I would sum up Tuniq's TX-2 high performance thermal grease. It performed the best in all of the tests... 2008/2/3 In the past couple years, AS5 was the best thermal compound. But now, Tuniq TX-2 beats it ... 2008/2/5 ... 2008/4/15 Application of the TX-2 onto the test CPU was clean and easy. The lower viscosity makes it easier to get a nice even application. The goal ... 2008/1/24 Many people will swear to you that AS5 is the greatest grease ever but other companies are now offering very competitive products such as Tuniq with TX-2 ... 2008/1/1 Showing to be generally a dollar or two cheaper the TX-2 was able to keep up with our long time favorite Arctic Silver 5 ... 2008/1/21 The Tuniq TX-2 thermal grease provides an excellent way to shave a few degrees off your CPU temperatures. For those making ... 2008/1/12 2007/12/27 2007/12/16 Excellent performance in any test and condition, and efficient in any condition, low and high temperatures... 2008/1/4 For all intents and purposes, the Tuniq MX-2 seems like a wise choice over Arctic Silver 5... 2007/12/7 TX-2 won't disappear over time, unlike some other thermal pastes that need to... 2007/12/27 TX-2 is the best thermal grease… 2007/12/18 TX-2 is the best thermal grease… 2007/12/5 TX-2 is the best thermal grease… 2007/12/5 This Tuniq TX-2 thermal compound is great stuff. Not only does... 2007/11/27 The Tuniq TX-2 recorded temperatures that were consistenly 1-3 ? cooler than AS5... 2007/11/23 TX-2 is the best thermal grease… 2007/11/11 There is no need to look any further than Tuniq's TX-2... 2007/11/6 After allowing the Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste time to cure, and like-wise for the Tuniq TX-2; Tuniq's thermal paste still managed to perform just... 2007/11/9 The TX-2 nearly duplicated the idle but did better under load which is incredible... 2007/11/23 Overall performance is great, it's easy to apply and it doesn't cost a penny more then it's competitors if not less... 2007/10/19 There are many high-priced products on the market with no right to make that claim. However, if you want good thermal performance for an... 2007/10/9 I was pleasantly surprised when it was able to match and beat the enthusiast’s paste of choice (Arctic Silver 5). For a long time AS5... 2008/6/2 I was pleasantly surprised to find that the TX-2 appears to work just as well as AS5... 2007/10/19 TX-2 does a good job right from start. It is easy to apply, easy to clean up, and it costs less than the AS5... 2007/8/31 So if you need increased stability, higher overclocking or just lower temperatures then look no further and go for the new Sunbeam Tuniq TX-2 thermal compound... 2007/9/27 The reengineering of the TX-2 was certainly worthwhile... 2007/9/30