TX-3 Extreme Performance and Exceptional Reliability Thermal Compound


TX-3 is the highest performing thermal compound in the industry, bar-none!   Both non-toxic and non-conductive, the ultra small molecular structure of TX-3 enables the thinnest possible layer of thermal compound application while filling all the gaps between the cooler and the CPU for extreme thermal conductivity. 

If you are looking for the ultimate thermal compound, look no further, the TX-3 is the only choice for you, don’t take our words for it, try it and find out for your self!


Extreme performance

High stability and



Not electrically


6.2W/mK Ultra-High thermal conductivity for superior heat transfer





RoHS compliant

Low bleed under high pressure



  • 1: Tends to form a thinner layer between CPU and heatsink than other greases even under low pressure
  • 2: 6.2W/mK Ultra-High thermal conductivity for superior heat transfer Best solution for the heatpipe direct contact or heatpipe direct touch type CPU cooler. (Ex: Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer)
  • 3: Helps the low-pressure clip design of cooler to achieve better cooling performance



Overclock Testing Results:


Tuniq TX-3

Tuniq TX-2

Tuniq TX-1

standard thermal grease

Load Temperature





Idle Temperature





*CPU: Intel E 4300 @ 2.7G
*Torture Software: SP2004  
*Testing Cooler: Sunbeam Core-Contact Freezer 120 (Fan speed 2000RPM)
*Room Temperature: 32.0°C







 83500 cP

 Thermal conductivity

 6.2 W/mK

 Operating temperature

 -45°C ~ 200°C

 Specific Gravity

 3.011 @ 25℃


 1ml (3g)


How to properly apply the TX-3 thermal compound?










Publisher Description Award Date The results are very close, if not slightly better than the best thermal paste we've seen, The Tuniq TX-3 a very good product.... 2009-09-28 I still feel that its amazing cooling abilities far out way that small problem. For those that don’t know, heat can cause a lots of wear and tear on your CPU... 2009-09-10 if you want to get all that you can from an overclocked processor the cooler it runs the extra amount of megahertz you can get from it. And the TX3 can help you with that... 2009-08-27 2009-08-26 Tuniq has presented some very impressive features that rival other leader manufacturers. With extreme performance, alongside being non-electrically conductive, it's... 2009-08-21 TX-3 is the newest thermal compound product by Tuniq. More information on Tuniq could be found right here. When it comes to cooling we all want the best for our video cards... 2009-08-19 As you can see, TX-3 beats all its contenders, even TX-2. On newegg I saw couple bad feedbacks, although I did not have any problems with applying the grease on cpu... 2009-08-12 Once again Tuniq has produced another great thermal compound; TX-3 which is able to compete with other world's top thermal compounds... 2009-08-10 Tuniq TX-3 Termal macunu intel stok fan ve glacialtech igloo 5600 silent plus işlemci soğutucuları üzerinde test ettik. Burada amaç termal macunun stok fan ve daha performanslı soğutucu... 2009-08-05 Despues de haber probado la pasta termica Tuniq TX-3 nos hemos quedado tan satisfechos como cuando probamos en su dia la TX-2 ... 2009-07-24 What Tuniq have achieved is to not only give us an excellent thermal paste but to also set itself as ... 2009-06-30 Applying TX-3 is very easy because it is not very thick, and I also noticed that it spreads very nice... 2009-06-30 TX-3 is A+ in 80-way Thermal Interface Material Performance Test... 2009-06-15 I highly recommend the Tuniq TX-3 thermal grease as an excellent thermal conductor for CPU heat sink... 2009-06-11 What I did find surprising was the fact that the new and improved TX-3 did one and a half degrees better overall than its predecessor... 2009-05-07