TX-4 Extreme Performance and Easy Apply


The all new TX-4 from Tuniq is a breakthrough in thermal compound conductivity.  TX-4 offers all the advantages of our own industry leading TX-3 thermal compound and improves upon it!  From the thinnest possible application to the highest thermal conductivity, TX-4 is the perfect medium between your heat producer and your heat sink. 

The TX-4 also comes with an easy-to-use applicator, the TIM spreader.  The TIM spreader allows for fast and even application without any mess.  If you are looking for that extra edge in thermal cooling, then look no further and get your hands on the TX-4 thermal compound.


Better performance
than TX-3 thermal

Easy apply than TX-3 thermal grease


6.53W/mK Ultra-High thermal conductivity for superior heat transfer



RoHS compliant


Low bleed under high pressure

Not electrically

High stability and



  • 1: Tends to form a thinner layer between CPU and heatsink than other greases even
        under low pressure
  • 2: Helps the low-pressure clip design of cooler to achieve better cooling performance
  • 3: Best solution for the heatpipe direct contact or heatpipe direct touch type CPU cooler.
        (Ex: Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer)



Overclock Testing Results:






 66,200 CP

 Thermal conductivity

 6.53 W/mK

 Operating temperature

-45°C ~ 160°C




How to use TIM spreader?


Excrete about 0.1ml of TX-4 thermal grease on to the surface of the CPU.




Use TIM spreader to push out the TX-4 thermal grease.



Thermal grease is smoothly applied on the CPU.


How to properly apply the TX-4 thermal compound?














Tuniq TX-4 performed the best of any thermal paste in our roundup.
TX-4 has top-notch performance and earns our recommendation.

2012/01/19 99% of enthusiasts will look at what thermal paste offers the best performance and amongst these three top-of-the-line pastes, the Tuniq TX-4 offers the best heat transfer. 2010/11/2 Our over all experience with TX-4 has been a pleasant one and I would recommend you to look in to this compound if you in the market for some thermal paste. Great product, as always! 2010/09/1 The Tuniq TX-4. With better heat dispershion and the ability to spread easier not only makes it easy to apply but a wonderful choise in thermal grease. 2010/08/20 we are dealing with one that has proven to be the best in the market: Tuniq TX-4. 2010/07/15


Like I said at the start of this review, this is the best thermal compound i have had the honor of testing and now hopefully you can see why.