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Dear Customers,
For a past few months, Tuniq has been going through some changes.
We are now under a new ownership and new management.
Our previous experienced employees from previous Tuniq Company will continue to bring out new cutting-edge and continue producing Tuniq signature product lines.
However, it is unfortunate that we were informed there are unauthorized Tuniq products have been shipping out into the market.
Tuniq is a reputable brand and there has been unauthorized use of this brand by others.
This illegal wrongdoing we have already informed to all our factories.
The factories with Tuniq moldings should put a stop to producing the goods unless it’s a legal and true order from Tuniq.
If not, we will also take action into legal matters if necessary.
For all our customer's right, please be careful not to import any unauthorized Tuniq products.
We like to thank you for supporting our products and we will have many many exciting new products to come.
Tuniq Team.